There’s just something special about Fremantle. Having worked here for almost 10 years, I have developed a love for our port city – so much so that I now live here too (thankfully no longer considered a ‘blow in’). The sense of character and history that this place has is just like nothing else in Perth – I am drawn to it. Not to mention the people – it’s not often that you can walk down the street without bumping into someone and have a good old yarn.


So, when we were asked to work on the City of Fremantle’s 10 Nights in Port, to say we were excited was an understatement. This festival continues the legacy of the Fremantle Festival, which has been running since the early 1900s. It takes place in the depths of winter, and celebrates the unique nature of Fremantle with a focus on interior spaces, winding laneways, intimate audience sizes and themes of warmth, replenishment and togetherness.

Each event in the program is highly considered and draws on the unique fabric of Fremantle – whether it’s an expression of the community or exploring one of the city’s many hidden nooks and crannies. With the festival now just under two weeks away, I thought I’d share some of my ‘top picks’ – a tough task given there’s so many interesting events to choose from.

Make sure you pop some dates in your diary, come on down and fall in love with our port city, just as I have.


A particularly intriguing event, the Feast of the Deceiver is an immersive dining experience at a secret location in Fremantle. You are required to surrender your phone and enter into a dark, mysterious world where you need to ‘keep your wits about you’. A series of games and challenges will unfold, which will determine where diners end up on the table. Celebrated local chefs Scott Brannigan (Bread in Common, Coogee Hotel) and former Iron Chefwinner Herb Faust have collaborated on the menu and pushed the boundaries in terms of the creativity of the dishes. The Friday and Saturday night sittings have already sold out, with a few tickets left for Thursday – get in quick!

 More information and tickets HERE


Artist and fashion experience creator Adele Varcoe is no stranger to a ‘onesie’. Over the years, she has been using this infamous garment to comment on our relationship with clothing. Following a recent performance piece at MONA FOMA, where Varcoe clothed over 1,000 people in onesies, the concept for Wowzzzeee has since evolved. This new performance installation takes the form of a garment factory and invites people to ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ a signature onesie. There are sequins, spangles and iridescent lycra involved – trust me, you’re going to want to get your hands on one of these onesies.

More information HERE 


Taking over some of Freo’s most tucked away and evocative workers’ clubs and small venues, Hidden Treasures celebrates some of the best musical talent to come out of the port city. I have been going to Hidden Treasures since it first started nine years ago, and there’s just something so unique about it. Whether it’s enjoying an acoustic set on the street huddled around a fire, or peeking into a historic building with top-notch artists taking to the stage, it continues to surprise and engage each year. A little bit dangerous on a school night really, but that’s all part of the fun. 

More information HERE


I don’t actually own a dog, but I think this one deserves a special mention as my talented neighbour, Yvonne Doherty, is setting up a studio experience to capture your pooch (preferably howling) – as you do. The event falls smack bang in the middle of the festival, which also happens to be a full moon, so the event is rather appropriate. Bring your dog down and get yourself an artistic portrait that you can proudly hang onto for years to come.

More information HERE


This is one of several events happening at the Festival Club, which I’m pretty excited about. I had the pleasure of coming across ‘Consensual Connie’ and her ‘Magic Mic’ a little while ago at my colleague’s hens night. Trust me – it’s fun. This whip-crackin’ cowgal is an expert at twisting your arm and getting you up on stage for a song or two. Get your requests ready.

More information HERE

To view the full program of events, visit 10nightsinport.com.au

Word: Sarah Langley

Imagery: 10 Nights in Port