Once December hits, we start to stretch from our long winter hibernations – the sunshine seems to bring out the sandgroper in all of us.

Because living in Perth ultimately means living near the beach, even if you live in North Perth by international standards – that’s coastal. We are lured by the promise of sunshine, early morning swims or making plans for long balmy evenings with cocktails aplenty.

We’ve never met a summer’s day we didn’t love – here’s some of our favourite pastimes to enjoy at this glorious time of year.



Early rising becomes a pleasure as the days are too good to waste lingering in bed. Kicking off the covers and heading to Port Beach rates high (maybe the highest) on my ways to start a weekend.

The SUP and I hit the beach – often with a group of friends or sometimes solo to cruise our crystal-clear turquoise coastline. It never ceases to provide me joy; the water-wave ripples on the ocean floor, milky white sand crabs poised as I drift overhead, stingrays wafting by with schools of herring and whiting dancing across my path. I’ve had close encounters with seals and dolphins as they join me on my journey – not to mention the friendly human folk that wave and chat as we pass each other by. Did I mention that it is great exercise? Which is a bonus.

Just love it.

Once the board is back on the car, I head sandy feet and all to Propeller to indulge in some time lingering over the papers and brekky. The old mechanics’ garage still has the large fold up door and you can see where the ‘pit’ once was, but about a year ago the spaceagency team worked a little extra magic – creating an architectural seaside sleepout of sorts. The louvered windows and white slatted timber structure provide a cool, shaded & air-conditioned room that lets in floods of light and greenery – it’s the ultimate ‘inside-outside-in’ kinda thing.

My current obsession, and standard order, is the smoked trout and scrambled egg number…“Long mac and the trout please.” It has slow-cooked tomatoes, horseradish, a few greens and a crunchy grainy toast. I know I’m not doing chef Kurt Sampson’s dish sufficient credit here, but let me summarise, I freaking love it – order it – it’s good.


Summer calls for days spent outdoors, making the most of what we have on our doorstep. My weekend traditions consist of lazy mornings cruising the northern coastline, stopping in at a few of my favourite spots along the way, followed by a well-deserved dip in the ocean.

At first sight of warmer days, my little light blue retro-inspired bicycle gets a dust-off and service before it’s ready for a summer filled with leisurely rides along the coast.

Once my basket is packed with all the necessary summer essentials, I hit the track that leads me to the ocean. I’ve realised that there is something very special and liberating about not relying on a car; there is a deeper sense of appreciation of the world and beauty around you. The smell of the ocean breeze, the wind in your hair, the sunshine on your skin and the many faces and furry friends that greet you along the way.

But after a 40-minute ride, admiring the majestic view of the endless blue waters and adjusting to summer’s first rays, a pit stop at my favourite juice bar in North Beach, LaBuda, is a must. Nestled among the many independent stores and eateries on Flora Terrace, I love this spot for its laidback holiday feel and their delicious smoothie bowls.

My order mostly remains the same; a classic Acai bowl topped with lots of fruit, accompanied by either an iced latte or iced matcha latte and a side of reading. It’s a nice way to slow down and fuel up for the last stretch before hitting the beach.

This last leg of my journey is the easiest as by this stage I am longing to take a dive into the great blue. You will find me perched at one of the many secluded and protected coves along North Beach – I am all for calm waters and quiet areas.

A few dips and a midday snooze later it’s time to hit the track again and find something refreshing to quench that post-beach thirst before the long road home. Whether it’s a smoothie, kombucha or a cheeky cocktail, this is the perfect way to end a pretty epic yet relaxing summer’s day.


After a long, luxurious day in the sunshine, a way to wind down is always at the top of my to-do list.

Given its summer, holiday mode has well and truly set in (who even knows which day it is at this point?) so the only thing I can foreseeably do is head to the coast and enjoy a beautiful balmy evening by the seaside.

Here in Perth, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to coastal real estate (12,000kms of white sand and turquoise waters anyone?), and seaside venues too for that matter; when it’s time to settle in for a seaside sojourn, Odyssea ticks the boxes every single time.

A quick drive away, or a longer, more leisurely coastal stroll if I have the time, Odyssea sits on the shore of the spectacular City Beach. Opening three years ago, Odyssea has upped the ante when it comes to seaside eateries, with exceptional Modern Australian cuisine, a cocktail list of epic proportions and spectacular views of the Indian Ocean.

A seat on the deck is an absolute must when you visit, so I’m always sure to pull up a chair and get comfortable – this is the ultimate vantage point to soak in the rockstar, 180-degree view of the golden City Beach sunset (normally around 7.06pm this time of year).

For those who like a cocktail with their beachside experience, high on my current rotation is the Pink Negroni – a summery mix of Hibiscus-infused cachaça, Cinzano 1757 white vermouth, Campari, Orgeat almond & lemon – I promise this little number won’t disappoint; you might even be tempted to take two for the team.

Seaside snacks are also a must-have – the menu is filled to the brim with fresh, local ingredients that pack a punch in the flavour department thanks to the man behind the pass, Alan Spagnolo.

When it comes to my favourite dish, I’m partial to the Korean spiced fried chicken tortillas (just ask for the tacos, they’re legendary) although I can never go past a serving of fresh WA seafood, so bring on the oysters, ceviche and Shark Bay king prawns to finish.

So kick off your shoes, grab your bathers and towel and however you like to enjoy it – head to the beach and enjoy your summer.

Word: Claire, Nadine & Hayley

Imagery: Detail