From little things big things grow

They say many hands make light work, in this case little hands certainly made the load lighter. To mark National Tree Day, over 100 students from Baldivis Primary School along with staff from Mirvac enjoyed a glorious morning of tree planting within the Tramway Reserve at their One71 Baldivis development.


Located 45 minutes south of Perth, One71 Baldivis by Mirvac is a thriving residential community with wide open spaces and high-quality amenity. As part of the development, Mirvac is committed to creating a vibrant lifestyle for its residents by connecting the community with their local environment.

For the second consecutive year students joined Mirvac in regenerating vegetation in the Tramway Reserve. Filled with enthusiasm and energy, students got outside for a few hours to enjoy the sunshine and get their hands dirty as they embraced the mammoth task of planting 5,000 trees within the southern side of the reserve. Several varieties of native seedlings were planted in record time, including Eucalyptus, Hakea and Banksia.

It was a rewarding morning as students had an opportunity to connect with nature, learn about native plants and wildlife all while doing something positive for their local community.

Thanks to their helping hands, the future of the Tramway Reserve is looking a lot greener. What was originally a stretch of remnant bushland set aside by the State Government for a proposed tramway will soon become an important site for the community; providing open green spaces for locals and creating important habitats for many native animals, including the local Carnaby Cockatoo population.

A strong show of how small actions can make a big difference, the 4,900 seedlings that were planted last year by students on the northern end of the reserve have resulted in trees that are starting to mature and provide a great foraging habitat for many native birds and animals in the area.

Following the incredible effort by Baldivis Primary School students, Mirvac staff planted another 7,000 seedlings in the Tramway reserve as a continued effort to reinvigorate the area for the community to enjoy.

Word: Nadine Pougnet

Imagery: Mirvac