Nice Buns

I can’t remember exactly whose idea it was to conduct a ‘hot cross bun’ taste assessment as part of this month’s missive – however, the idea was embraced with more enthusiasm than usual and is now being delivered to you.


It is timely, as tomorrow is the day that you must select a destination of choice to purchase your buns. Traditionally eaten on Good Friday, the hot cross buns need to be able to hold their own for approximately 24 hours before eating – perhaps this is why we now toast them? Although I realise that many ‘bun enthusiasts’ happily gobble them for several days, or even weeks, ahead of the traditional day of consumption – Good Friday. I am in this instance, and not many others, a traditionalist.

I enjoy the ritual of gathering on Good Friday with what family or friends who may remain in town over the Easter break to linger over the gorging of toasted hot cross buns, accompanied by morning conversation and coffee. I’m looking forward to it.

And so, to the taste test.

Our ‘buns’ were gathered not from the corners of the globe or with much debate, but from our routes to work and include Bread in Common, North Street Store, CHU bakery and Wild Bakery and our judging criteria (we took it all very seriously) included:

Best taste
Fruit content

The Bread in Common morsel is also a vegan bun – nice and inclusive (very Freo).

It offered a nice exterior, with a tasty dark crust. It is light and ‘earthy’ (in a good way) and delivered an outstanding fruit to bread ratio with an impressive variety of fruits and spice. Importantly, when toasted it has excellent crunch and moist interior. Delicious.

Soft, light and fluffy, the North Street Store bun delivers with a traditional fruit blend with a tasty glaze. The team found the bread to be nicely spiced and very flavoursome. A classic.

Slightly denser than the others with a more traditional and yet rustic edge. Generous fruit and spice is enhanced with some added orange peel, an excellent twist on the classic. A perfect size that’s large enough to be generous and small enough to justify devouring two.

A traditional, crowd-pleasing style bun – generous in size and soft in texture. A substantial amount of classic hot cross bun fruit and not as heavy on the spice as some, which will please many bun nibblers.

So, the conclusion is that it takes all types to please the palate, and in summary … Nice buns everyone.

Word: Claire & tasters including Sarah, Hayley & Nadine

Imagery: Claire & Nadine