Summer Gardening with Hort with Heart

Summer brings blue skies, long days and often, ample free time. So, what better time to tend to your backyard to bring colour and vitality to your space.


Something we have learnt, over the past two years particularly, is that our garden is a sanctuary. By surrounding ourselves with plants, we can relieve some stress and anxiety. We’ve found making time to tend to our gardens and watch our green zones thrive is rewarding and satisfying.

With the help of West Australian gardening extraordinaire and horticultural professional Sabrina Hahn, we’ve put together a list of top gardening tips to get you inspired.


You need to know your plants and where they come from. If the tag says full sun, but the plant is Victorian-bred, full sun could mean certain death in WA during our long, hot summer months.

Also, food plants that do not originate in Australia will struggle to produce well in impoverished soil with little nutrient or water holding capacity. This is where foliar feeding comes in. Sabrina Hahn’s Hort with Heart products Grow Up and Trace are the superheroes in the veggie patch. Grow Up is essential for all fruiting trees, helping them to produce more flowers and hold on to fruit. Trace is necessary for citrus to provide much needed nutrients. 


Make sure to give your indoor plants as much love and attention as the outdoor ones. Take them outside to a shady protected area and hose down the foliage. This removes dust from the leaves. Check to make sure the potting mix is absorbing water, and look for any pests hiding underneath leaves. The Hort with Heart Home Grown Tonic is a must for healthy, thriving indoor plants, especially at this time of year during their rapid growth in the warmer weather.


The Australian outback is the perfect inspiration for your next re-vamp. Well-accustomed to WA’s long, hot summer, Australian natives make for full, natural landscapes all year round. Consider planting your verge with native flowering plants, like acacias, melaleuca, eremophila, grevillea and breynia ironstone. Or pillage what’s already in your own garden for a seasonal bouquet or Christmas wreath. Gardeners traditionally think of annuals for cut flowers, but with a little imagination and a lot of pillaging throughout the garden, you can achieve an exciting floral arrangement.

Hort with Heart’s range of products covers all gardens; big and small, indoor and outdoor, delivering macro- and micro- nutrients and promoting sustainable growth. Packed with plant-based ingredients that are environmentally friendly, all Hort with Heart products are safe for groundwater and waterways, soil micro flora and fauna providing the ultimate in plant and soil health.

You can explore the full product range via the Hort with Heart website.

Word: Sabrina Hahn and Alice Hamilton

Imagery: Detail