The rundown on Fremantle Design Week.

This is the inaugural year for Fremantle Design Week, an event to sharpen the focus on the State’s cultural capital. Although the event takes place in Fremantle, the festival celebrates design in all its forms, drawing ideas from everywhere and anywhere.


The central theme in 2022 is ‘enough’ – what is enough and how much do we need? The world is changing, and with it, the way we live – so how can design make life better, individually and communally? Be challenged, inspired and entertained by what’s on offer across seven days of design.

The program includes conversations, walks, exhibitions, installations, open studios and more. Below are some of our suggested activities to add to your immersive weekend in Fremantle. Because sometimes … one isn’t enough.

Our selects for Fremantle Design Week running 14 – 21 October 2022.

On everyone’s list…

Join us at the opening night for Fremantle Design Week and Monash University XYX Lab “HyperSext City’ exhibition on Friday 14th October 2022 at 6pm. Wander the exhibition and enjoy the tunes of DJ Kester Sappho.


HyperSext City presented by Monash University XYX Lab

This interactive exhibition is the anchor event for the festival. It questions ‘who designs our cities?’ How does gender impact our experience of space, and how can cities be designed to be safe for all? Through arresting hypergraphics and video works, the show uses data and intersectional gender narratives to make visible and amplify the voices of people not often heard.

You can see the paste-up campaign, which is running simultaneously in Fremantle and Melbourne, including local data, which aims to connect the shared experiences and activism across the continent.

HyperSext can be found at PS Arts Space all week and is free of charge.


On Claire’s list…
Victoria Quay Design and Architecture Walk

The stunning Fremantle Ports building was built in 1964 and designed in the post-war international style by architects Hobbs, Winning and Leighton. This beautiful building is 11 stories and is still one of Fremantle’s tallest buildings.  The other day I wandered into the foyer, and I was surprised to find a fabulous room with parquet floor and a mosaic mural by WA painter and sculptor Howard Taylor, one of Australia’s most significant artists of the 20th century.

The tour will offer the money-can’t-buy opportunity to visit the observation deck on the top of the building, Fremantle’s highest point, for a birds-eye view of the Port and beyond (note to self – bring the camera). Nestled in our fabulous Port, the building is just one reason the Victoria Quay tour is on my ‘must do’ list for Fremantle Design Week.

The walks are free; however, numbers are limited, and registration is essential.


Remington Matters + Friends
Remington Matters, Anfisa & Hickey Hardware

We love any opportunity to explore hidden Fremantle venues, and the Remington Matters + Friends exhibition with Anfisa & Hickey Hardware at Victoria Coffee Palace is one of those occasions not to miss.

We’re looking forward to checking out Remington Matters’ latest furniture creations including a collab with fashion designer Hickey Hardware and a covetable selection of ceramic vessels curated by Anfisa.


On Hayley’s list…
Conversation Series
Tattoo You with Carla Adams, Anya Brock & Marc Pinto

The stories behind a tattoo, the choice to ink one’s body and the true art form that is tattooing has interested me since I got my very first (and only – quite honestly the pain was altogether too much for me) tattoo almost a decade ago.

From the history of the art form, the evolutions of today’s tattoos and the stories behind these works of art – tattooing is self-expression at its finest. With the combined forces of Anya Brock, Carla Adams and industry heavyweight Marc Pinto, the line-up has been carefully curated for an insightful Sunday afternoon chat on all things tattoo.

Tickets are available for individual sessions such as Tattoo You, or you can purchase a pass for a whole day or weekend.


On Charlotte’s list…
Open Studio
Philip Stejskal Architecture – New Horizons

Philip Stejskal Architecture is an award-winning architecture practice. Their open studio will showcase a range of residential projects, from instagrammable new builds to interesting alterations and additions and important medium-density projects. For design aficionados who love minimalist and modern design, with exceptional attention to detail, this open studio will be sure to inspire.

This event is to be held at Nyistor Studio on Saturday morning and is free of charge.


On Emma’s list…
Conversation Series
Fashion Critical with Lisa Piller, Leith Groves, Luka Rey & Nita-Jane McMahon

The fashion industry’s dilemma of striving for sustainability and how to tackle waste is something that has always fascinated me, and Leith Groves can always be trusted when it comes to fashion commentary. I’m interested in hearing from local experts on how we can all make better choices when it comes to conscious fashion, including local swimwear designer Luka Rey, who creates made-to-order pieces specifically for her customers as a way to reduce waste. This event is part of the Fremantle Design Week Conversations Series at the PS Art Space.

Tickets are available for individual sessions such as Fashion Critical, or you can purchase a pass for a whole day or weekend.


On Alice’s list…
Conversation Series
Follow the Money

The world is at a pivotal point, with the adverse effects of the climate change crisis knocking on our door. It’s time to prioritise thoughtful action and make meaningful purchases.

Gathering for Fremantle Design week, climate-positive aficionados Meri Fatin, Professor Anu Rammohan, Adam Carrel and Eugene Hooks will spark the conversation about how our purchasing decisions hold the key to driving change for the better and remind us that there is hope for a climate positive future.

Tickets are available for individual sessions such as Follow the Money, or you can purchase a pass for a whole day or weekend.


On Ashtyn’s list…
Vases and Vessels with Sally Smith 

Sally Smith is a studio ceramic potter based in Fremantle who designs and creates unique pieces that showcase emotional authenticity rather than conventional perfection.  Made from durable stoneware and suitable for everyday use, most of Sally’s work takes inspiration from surrounding beaches and the natural environment. For those who love learning a new skill, join Sally from Deep Earth Ceramics and get creative with a hands-on learning experience that is not only fun and creative, but also a good way to relax and meditate the mind.

Sessions occur throughout the weekend at Stackwood and tickets are $159.00


Special mention…
Open Studio
Royal George with spaceagency architects

The Iconic Royal George hotel in the Plympton Ward of East Fremantle is in the process of being restored ahead of the construction of an ambitious medium-density development to the rear of the site. Architects Michael Patroni and Dimmity Walker of spaceagency will host an open studio in the old hotel and share the journey of the project to date. Guests will view a scale model and animated fly-through of the apartments.

Although this event is fully subscribed, you can register on the waitlist for tickets should they become available.


So, jump online, secure your spot, and grab tickets to make a weekend in our design-loving city. The full program is available to view online



Detail is a Sponsor of Fremantle Design Week and Claire is a board member of DesignFreo the organisation behind the Fremantle Design Week.


Word: Detail

Imagery: Duncan Wright for FDW and Detail crew