Taking the scenic route with the Tiller Rides Roadster

Tiller Rides, the Fremantle company that designed an e-bike to turn the industry on its head – introducing the oh-so-cool Roadster.


Apart from its achingly good looks – the Roadster by Tiller Rides considers every aspect of an urban rider’s needs, from its sustainably crafted sleek frame and removable battery with the power to take a journey of 80+ kilometres at a speed of 25 km/hr on one charge, to a discreet but secure integrated cable lock and motion-sensing alarm that can be tracked via the Tiller App. She’s got all the mod cons.

The man behind the brand, co-founder, CEO and Freo local, Julian Ilich – shares with us some of his local haunts and hotspots, best explored aboard the Roadster. We took to the street, put our pedal to the metal and checked it out for ourselves.

Cruising riverside to Zephyr Cafe: He is not wrong, Sunday morning coffee stops following a riverside cruise to Zephyr Cafe. There’s something about cruising beside the river, then sitting and relaxing watching the birds and boats go by. After stopping at Zephr roll a little further and try the coffee at local hideaway Cool Beans – it’s the best.

Ocean swims at South Beach: Even on a sunny winter morning – heading to South Beach early for a swim, or a walk, or both. Even if you live a few kilometres from the water, the Roadster makes it feel like it’s just around the corner.

Sidling up to Hush on High: Head over to Hush Specialty Coffee on High Street if a change of scene from the office is needed. It’s easy to park right out the front and it isn’t hard to find a spot tucked away to read the paper… or work away for a bit if you must.

Monument Hill, preferably at sunrise: With winter’s short days we are all often heading to work while it’s dark.  A pause on the lawns of Monument Hill to watch the sunrise is an amazing way to elevate your mood for the day ahead.

Breakfast and people-watching at Little Lefroy’s: There’s something about Little Lefroy’s. Maybe it’s the combination of the easy bike parking out the front, the lovely front bench to watch the world go by from, and the regular availability of the latest newspaper. Not to mention the delicious fig, date & fennel toast with preserves!

Zooming across town midweek on a Roadster – makes you smile. Riding around Fremantle you can imagine yourself heading down a cobbled lane of Europe if you want… we prefer that holiday feeling every day and if you think you might as well, pop into Tiller and go for a spin yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed; they’ll hand you a bike and send you off for a coffee at Blink or Bread in Common to give you a taste of the good life – enjoy.

Explore what Tiller has to offer here.


Word: Emma Britton

Imagery: Luke Latty