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Detail was engaged to manage the public relations, event and social media launch strategy for Cooee.

Nestled in the banks of the Swan River at the Old Swan Brewery in Perth, Cooee is a place to call your place. With an inviting menu that runs from early morning, through to the sunning daylight hours and into the night, it offers diners a relaxed setting to enjoy a light meal or drink with a view.

Cooee is the first venue to be opened by Z1Z, the hospitality arm of Tattarang.

Public Relations

With an ambitious opening schedule of 12 weeks from venue concept development to doors opening, the public relations campaign was designed to be nimble and highly effective.

The strategic press campaign involved an early teaser-style announcement, followed by an exclusive ‘first look’ at the venue which was featured in The West Australian, WA’s major metro newspaper, and across all of the publication’s online channels. This was followed by coverage in key food, lifestyle and news outlets.

The successful media campaign resulted in key West Australian media outlets delivering extensive coverage, including lead stories across early general news and business pages, supported by online, television and radio outlets on a local and national level.

Launch Event

Supporting the media campaign, the VIP launch event was held ahead of the public opening and attended by key media, influencers and stakeholders – providing guests with a taste of what to expect at Cooee.

The successful event positioned Cooee as a highly-desirable destination and ensured the venue was at capacity the moment the doors opened.

Cooee continues to be a thriving foodie destination on the banks of the Swan River, frequented by locals, interstate travellers and the wider Perth community.

Social Media

The social media strategy involved developing a distinct visual language to reflect Cooee’s branding, interiors and ethos for being warm, bright and accessible.

The tone of voice was kept intelligent, yet inviting and approachable. Notable Perth and Western Australian travel and lifestyle accounts were engaged from the onset and the most popular Perth lifestyle and hospitality hashtags were included to increase exposure.

Both the Facebook and Instagram accounts were embraced enthusiastically by online audiences, with impressions and engagement steadily building in the lead up to Cooee’s launch.

Cooee continued to experience strong follower growth and healthy impression and engagement levels following launch, impressively achieving 3,000 followers organically in the first three months of trade.

These results were achieved through engaging content and strategic alignment with respected food bloggers and local influencers in the hospitality and lifestyle space.

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