Grow It Local

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A nation-wide mission to get more people growing, sharing and eating locally grown foods, Grow it Local is a new initiative from Andrew Valder and Darryl Nichols, the co-founders of Garage Sale Trail, Australia’s biggest sustainability and community event.

Grow It Local was born of the belief that if everyone grew their own food, we’d be happier and healthier, our nails would be dirtier, and our smiles would be bigger. We’d compost more and waste less, and life in general would be juicier and more delicious.

In its simplest form, Grow It Local is a grass roots, purpose-driven mission to make growing more accessible. The team behind Grow it Local wholeheartedly believe that it doesn’t matter where you live or how much space you have, there’s an opportunity for us all to grow whether that’s in a backyard, community garden, balcony, verge or windowsill.

In Grow it Local’s first foray into the Perth market place in 2019, we were engaged to drive media and community awareness across Western Australia for the Grow it Local Festival and subsequently the online growers market place.

Being the first year for the Grow it Local campaign in WA presented its own set of challenges, including educating the general public on the concept, engaging with likeminded growers and ambassadors, introducing media outlets to the concept and most importantly, establishing a platform upon which the campaign can grow in the future.

Uncovering local talent and leveraging their growing and gardening skills and developing concepts for unique events for ongoing media opportunities was a key focus of the campaign and worked to ensure that the Grow it Local presence was felt across Western Australia.

In 2019, Detail played a key role in introducing Grow it Local to the Perth marketplace and creating a solid foundation for years to come, with a broad range of media outcomes achieved across TV, print, radio, online & social media.

We continue to work with Grow it Local.

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