Ronnie Nights

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Ronnie Nights brings a sense of fun to Fremantle’s Cappuccino Strip, with a nod to the past and a warm embrace of party life.

Formerly the Auntie G and Maya Indian Restaurants, the space has been transformed into an eclectic series of spaces that make you feel as though you could be visiting someone’s house. From a room that’s entirely green through to the terrazzo bars, there’s something to catch your eye around every corner.

When Ronnie Nights first opened to the public, the client wanted to quickly engage with the local Fremantle community and open with impact. We were asked to assist throughout this key launch period with an event, media relations and social media management.

While the venue’s personality is fun, loud and a bit raucous at times, from the outset it was important to communicate to a broad range of audiences. Extensive media coverage complemented by a strong social media presence meant that people from all walks of life were talking about Ronnie Nights.

The event was well-attended by media as well as key identities in the food and music scene. With many venues opening, it was important that the guest list was interesting and unexpected. Each person in attendance had strong relevance to the venue and would likely attend again following the launch.

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