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South Coast Hemp Foods are a hemp and buckwheat producer, based on the south coast of Western Australia in the Great Southern region.

Surrounded by pristine wilderness and some of the most beautiful surfing beaches in WA, all the ingredients for the production of healthy hemp and buckwheat foods are right there – clean water, sunshine and fresh air straight off the Southern Ocean.

The brand’s founder Brad Skeggs is passionate about hemp as a sustainable, progressive food source. As a Director of HempGro (WA Hemp Growers Cooperative Ltd) he’s helped promote the value of hemp as a source of protein and omega fatty acids, for a world looking for alternatives to animal-based nutrition.

With great products and a strong brand ethos embedded in sustainability, Detail was engaged to develop a marketing strategy to take South Coast Hemp Foods to a broader market in order to scale vertical sales.

A brand refresh was conducted, to elevate South Coast Hemp Food’s branding materials, website, and content.

Inspiring lifestyle imagery was captured by leading travel photographer Rachel Claire, to capture the South Coast Hemp Food’s farm in all its glory, as well as the stunning coastal surrounds of Denmark and beyond.

Recipe developer and content creator Kate Flower was engaged to develop a pre-made pancake mix to hero South Coast Hemp Food’s buckwheat flour. The brief for the mix was to create a delicious, easy-to-make and versatile pancake mix.

The existing South Coast Hemp Food’s customer is a confident cook, who understands how to use South Coast Hemp Food’s raw products (hemp seed, buckwheat flour) in their everyday cooking. The aim of developing this new product was to reach a new customer, by creating a simple recipe that even a novice chef could master.

The result is a light, fluffy pancake mix to suit both savoury and sweet toppings – a crowd pleaser for Sunday breakfast, a hearty lunchtime meal or an easy lunchbox snack.

Additional recipe content was also developed to demonstrate the versatility of hemp to add to everyday meals – including salads, smoothies and easy dinner dishes.

Detail are engaged as South Coast Hemp Food’s full-service marketing department, managing design, content creation, e-Commerce and social media strategy.

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