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Detail were engaged by the Western Australian Museum to develop the campaign platform for the ‘Vikings: Warriors of the North, Giants of the Sea’ Exhibition.

When we think of Vikings, we think of fierce warriors wielding blades of iron and steel. We imagine sleek, powerful vessels carrying fearless raiders across treacherous seas to invade foreign shores. It was a time of conquest and colonisation, although their legacy is defined by more than the battles they won.

The exhibition was a collaboration between Museums Partner and the National Museum of Denmark, featuring the largest collection of Vikings artefacts ever displayed in Western Australia – with over 140 authentic artefacts dated between 750 and 1100 CE.

Detail’s approach was to create a striking and impactful campaign, to entice audiences with the stories of conquest, plunder, craft and adventure which turned these Nordic people into heroes of myth and legend.

The campaign featured heroic Viking characters, from warriors and shield-maidens to seafarers, while strategically referencing the exhibition’s key draw cards including weaponry, tools, ships and jewellery.

The platform was strategically developed for effective application across digital channels such as websites, social media and e-newsletters, as well as traditional print media including on-site signage, posters and advertising. Detail managed the design and configuration of assets across all placements, with careful consideration to campaign and partner requirements.

Vikings: Warriors of the North, Giants of the Sea is exhibiting at the WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle, from December 12, 2020 – May 16, 2021.

The campaign received an overwhelmingly positive result, supporting the WA Museum’s visitation goals for the exhibition.

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