Broome connection with new jewellery collection

The easing of COVID-19 travel restrictions coinciding with Broome’s peak tourism season created the perfect opportunity to highlight the brand’s connection to the area as part of the launch strategy.


The opening of Western Australia’s interstate borders last month was cause for celebration as we stripped the shackles of COVID-19 state travel restrictions and made plans to wander out yonder.

For our valued clients Allure South Sea Pearls, this created the perfect opportunity to launch the latest additions to the High Jewellery collection, designed and handcrafted in  Broome.

With the easing of restrictions coinciding with the town’s peak tourist season, it seemed fitting to highlight the brand’s connection to the area as part of the launch strategy.

Allure’s latest High Jewellery pieces draw inspiration from iconic elements of Broome’s landscape while celebrating the singular beauty of South Sea pearls.

From dinosaur footprints dotted along the coastline, to the stunning cloud formations synonymous with Broome’s wet season and the Kimberley’s exquisite tidal creek systems, each piece encapsulates elements of the town’s awe-inspiring natural beauty.

The High Jewellery collection features an exquisite range of unique, handcrafted South Sea pearl and diamond jewellery pieces.

Made in limited numbers, each piece reflects the high standard of design and quality of craftsmanship Allure South Sea Pearls is renowned for.

Word: Charlotte Collins

Imagery: Detail Marketing Communications