Feast of the Deceiver: 10 Nights in Port
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Winter is often a time when we retreat indoors; we light the lamps, tread the old floorboards and reacquaint ourselves with the homes, pubs, halls and stages that have patiently waited for us to return after the warmer months.

With stately historic buildings lining the streets, Fremantle offers many hidden nooks and crannies to settle in during winter and relish heartening food, sip steaming tonics and swap tales and melodies by the fire.

Fremantle Festival: 10 Nights in Portis a celebration of this unique culture, presenting a range of contemporary music, theatre, visual arts, film and live performance in July. From large-scale participatory events to immersive experiences and a number of WA premieres, the program consists of a series of carefully curated events that will warm the soul and enliven the senses.

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